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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #11

Episode 11 of the Mid-Level Crisis Podcast is finally here!

In "I Call Upon Chaos to Wither Your Podcast", Eric & Matt talk about your comments, why our podcast sux (but isn't going away), quite a bit of rambling, CPR class at a LARP, what's going on at NERO® Elkins, coaching NPCs, immersing the PCs in culture, pink zombie dreams, your Coke code: 44TNL0 9X5KXF

How do you get your NPCs to know what you need them to know?

Check out Mortalis Games article on "LARP at Play: Doing your Homework":
Part 1 - Game designers and creators
Part 2 - Organizers and staff
Part 3 - Players

Check out what's going on at NERO® Elkins at

Send your boffer-making tips, LARP stories, questions, comments, and other stuff to

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