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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #12
Episode 12 - "I Call Upon the Earth to Restore Your Podcast" - Recorded 4/13/2010 - Runtime 41m15s

New sound board, new music, new email address, new podcast, new awesomness.

In this episode, Eric & Matt watch a few videos, give a few shout outs, go through the news topics, talk about the balance between combat and roleplay, & talk about what's coming up at NERO Elkins.

Play by play:
(1m30s) Matt time travels back to February, but really it's April 13th.
(3m30s) Watching the "Battle for Azeroth LARP" video. Warcraft, only live action. Watch along with us at:
(9m00s) Watch the "Live Avatar Role Playing" video, but the sound doesn't work right. Watch it at:
(15m05s) Shout out to LARP Tower. Check them out at
(15m43s) Shout out to Tyrrapedia. Check it out at (Though there seems to be something wrong with it right now, at least for me.)
(16m37s) LARP News!
(17m10s) NERO 9th Edition rulebook is on its way, but the NERO National Event (April 30-May 2) will be using 8th Edition.
(18m50s) Upcoming Northcoast NERO Event. Eric will be there with gems on. Visit
(19m35s) Eric gets confused by twitter
(21m15s) Eric talks about his new sheath.
(22m17s) Shout out to Fear the Boot, an awesome RPG podcast. Check them out at
Specifically, you should check out the LARP Roundtable episodes 173:
and 174:
(24m05s) LARP Theory! - Matt talks about a game design idea to combine a miniatures battle strategy game and a science fiction LARP. Wonders how to balance the strat game with political intrigue and LARPiness.
(26m30s) Sidetracked talking about Utopia vs. Dystopia vs. post-apocalyptic hell-holes...
(28m35s) ...back on track.
(30m15s) This evolves into a general discussion about the balance between combat and roleplaying/non-combat interaction.
(32m13s) Shameless Self Promotion!
Eric talks about his awesome masks.
What's going on at NERO Elkins? Weekend events June 11-13 and July 9-11. Bimonthly tavern nights 1st and 3rd Wednesdays (4/21, 5/5, & 5/19/2010). Find out more at
(36m50s) Services available through the NERO Elkins marketplace.
(39m25s) Send us your emails and recordings to

Mid Level Crisis is a presentation of Fantasmagorio Productions. Visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter @fantasmagorio -

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