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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #13

Episode 13 - "Arcane Podcast" - Recorded 4/20/2010 - Runtime 60m31s

Sorry so late! In this episode, Eric & Matt, joined by another Matt, give a few shout outs, go through the news topics, & talk about what's coming up at NERO Elkins.

Play by play:
(2m25s) We introduce our guest Matt.
(2m50s) Matt gets Intro happy #1
(3m33s) LARP News - first the report from Syrinx / North Coast NERO -
(4m25s) Matt gets Intro happy #2
(4m45s) Shout out to Gizmo Loud
(5m10s) Matt notes that it's 4:20 on 4/20. Then goes on to note that Eric doesn't watch enough stoner movies.
(13m35s) Eric notes that the Archon of Chaos is "a little chaotic"
(17m25s) Matt does not handle Eric's weapon
(18m45s) Crie ruined gypsies
(20m10s) Eric talks about Sarr with peppermint Nom Nom Nom
(21m05s) Eric impersonates a wolf spirit
(22m03s) What are the Societies of Avalon? Check it out at
(22m55s) Matt wants to vomit a little bit. Maybe an overreaction. We're trying to do our own thing, and hate having things pushed on us. Maybe we can find some middle ground.
(24m31s) Michael Ventrella (of Alliance LARP fame) is coming out with a new novel: The Axes of Evil -
(25m43s) Matt gives a shout out to the OWBN Hour of Power, a LARP podcast that focuses on One World By Night. Check it out at
(27m12s) White Wolf is hosting a "Grand Masquerade" WoD convention in New Orleans September 2010. More info at
(28m55s) The Practice of LARP - Hit locations? Headshots allowed? Join the discussion at
(30m00s) Matt notes that none of you will be at the Fury event advertised in the discussion, because you'll all be at NERO Elkins
(30m50s) Hit location systems discussed - Eric doesn't like them. Matt thinks there's potential for simple and roleplayable LARPs, but wants to avoid silliness.
(32m10s) Matt B. weighs in.
(33m25s) Matt uses the Deckard Cain voice.
(34m35s) Matt reveals that Fury allows headshots.
(34m55s) Eric: "The brain is a delicate thing"
(35m35s) Matt is a wuss, and he lays down his conditions for a headshot-allowing LARP
(41m00s) Shameless Self Promotion
(41m05s) Eric has an awesome hammer of death and he hasn't sent me a link to the weaponsmith.
(45m40s) Eric shows off his squid scavenger mask
(48m45s) Check out what's going on at NERO Elkins WV - - Weekends June 11-13, 2010, and July 9-11, 2010.
(51m00s) Shout out to Robert the Half-Ogre!
(51m30s) Shouts out to all the peeps who want to be Dalanti! Find out more about the Dalanti culture in the library at
(52m50s) Matt B. announces a baby Kris'alis on the way! Yay!
(53m35s) Sameless Shelf Promotion
(56m13s) I am my own grandpa - the new NERO plot
(59m00s) Avoid MWEs in April

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