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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #14

Episode 14 - "I Burn a Blood to Podcast" - Recorded 5/18/2010 - Runtime 1h07m22s

In this episode, Eric & Matt, joined by Kris, go through the news topics, discuss odd theory, and talk about White Wolf LARPs.

Play by play:
(1m10s) We introduce our guest, Kris, who plays a character who reverses all the tropes.
(5m12s) LARP News
(5m50s) Morgantown LARP is running Changeling, more about that later
(7m35s) Livejournal LARPer Community -
(8m50s) Gen-Art Film Festival screens The Wild Hunt -
(9m54s) GASP!
(10m05s) Happy is no longer happy.
(11m45s) Matt gives shouts out to Postcards from the Dungeon - - and The Walking Eye Podcast - - Two great podcasts about gaming
(14m00s) Kris gives a shout out to the Bear Swarm! Podcast - - then we go on to talk about how scary a bear swarm would be.
(15m18s) The Practice of LARP
(16m50s) LARP 101 by Mortalis Games - - a great intro into LARP
(17m51s) Shade's LARP List - - the best way to find a LARP in your area, all kinds
(18m55s) Matt makes stuff up
(19m48s) Check out the Elkins Wikipedia entry -,_West_Virginia#Events
(22m02s) The Theory of LARP
(22m58s) Dogma 99, a curious take on LARP. Read the "manifesto" at
(27m57s) It's personal
(30m33s) Eric breaks Dogma 99's Rule #6
(32m47s) "I can't roleplay that!"
(36m28s) We introduce a fun project that we want you to be involved with - creating a Star Wars boffer LARP
(40m30s) Matt describes his awesome way of making boffer Light Sabers, or psionic spirit blades ;)
(42m56s) Shameless Self Promotion
(43m40s) We talk about the mechanics of World of Darkness and then
(52m00s) about the Morgantown WV LARP group and their Hunter and Changeling campaigns - - Hunter is Fridays (except the last Friday of the month) 7-midnight, Changeling is Saturdays 7-midnight
(59m53s) Bardfest
(1h02m00s) Upcoming NERO Elkins events -
(1h06m45s) Matt comes back on to announce that we will be filming our teasers on May 26, 2010. More details to be announced on the forums.

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