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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #15

Episode 15 - "Luke... I am your Podcast" - Recorded 5/25/2010 - Runtime 1h09m23s

In this episode, Eric & Matt, joined by Kris and Jared, go quickly through the news topics so they can talk about the Star Wars LARP idea. Join the SW LARP discussion on the forums -

Play by play:
(1m15s) Fun with Wilhelm screams
(1m33s) We introduce our guests Kris and Jared.
(2m33s) LARP News
(3m03s) Scaling Guide - available at
(5m35s) The Dreaming -
(6m25s) Gamer:The Podcasting - a LARP podcast that faded in 2008 - the archives are up and available at
So much of what the Mad Three said on those episodes is relevant today.
(8m02s) Well, hello, there.
(8m34s) Jeff Himmelman of G:tP is hosting a new podcast about fantasy illustration -
(9m34s) Shout out to the Goldhaven Library -
(10m07s) The Theory of LARP
(11m12s) We reintroduce our guests because we just got UStream to record
(11m56s) Wodder v. Woder?
(12m50s) We are recording in front of a live studio audience. Well, actually, he's sitting in the hall because the studio is so small.
(16m33s) Setting for a Star Wars themed LARP? Vote on your choice in the forums. 1) Old Republic 2) Clone Wars 3) Empire 4) New Republic 5) Legacy 6) Other - Vote @
(19m35s) Nerdgasm... Nerdvana
(30m00s) We also discuss PvE and PvP styles of LARPs, a topic that is relevant to all LARPs. Add to the discussion at
(41m46s) Planet & system ownership
(55m50s) Next discussion - weaponry & death... ooh! so delicious!
(57m10s) Shameless Self Promotion
(57m20s) Jared promotes the idea that you should join the SW LARP discussion on the forums -
(58m26s) Kris promotes the Morgantown (WV) LARP group - - Changeling & Hunter Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm
(59m40s) Eric promotes the teasers which will soon be on the site
(60m45s) Matt promotes: 1 more tavern night b/f the weekend event (June 2), and the weekend NERO Elkins event (June 11-13)- register by June 7 for the best price -
(66m48s) Outtakes

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