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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #16

Episode 16 - "This is not the Podcast you are looking for" - Recorded 6/1/2010 - Runtime 1h02m18s

In this episode, Eric & Matt, joined by Kris and Jared, once again go quickly through the news topics so they can talk about the Star Wars LARP idea. But then they spend some more time in Shameless Self Promotion talking about the upcoming NERO Elkins event

Play by play:
(0m0s) Matt explains about the audio for this episode
(1m23s) Matt can't talk when he hears himself on a second and a half delay
(3m00s) Introductions all around
(4m25s) LARP News
(4m50s) Team Dynamite Lazer Beam -
(6m03s) Eric hears things
(6m15s) LARP Source - Simple, Authentic LARP Food -
(7m15s) Krisses Abound
(7m50s) Darker Days Podcast -
(8m20s) Theory of LARP - we continue our discussion of the Star Wars LARP idea - Add your voice to the conversation in the forums -
(9m30s) We share and respond to Scarab's post... SHOUT OUT to SCARAB!
(15m00s) Time-share LARP Events?
(17m28s) We talk about the poll results thus far
(21m30s) Weapons!
(25m01s) Eric's brain dies
(35m10s) Where's my cake?
(35m15s) Death!
(46m40s) Your droids, they aren't welcome here.
(48m06s) Prepare to die, meatbag!
(48m24s) Combat... IN SPACE!
(49m40s) Ahoyhoy, Darth Sidious calling...
(56m08s) Ameless Self Promotion
(56m38s) Kris promotes Morgantown LARP -
(57m30s) Jared, Eric, and Matt promote the upcoming NERO Elkins event - June 11-13, register by June 7 for the best price -
(58m38s) Craftsman (Shick-staker)
(59m30s) Kris breaks out of turn to pimp the Podgecast -
(1h00m30s) Matt promotes the July 9-11 NERO Elkins event -

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