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Thursday, July 1, 2010

LARP News - LARPer gets boffers confiscated

Toronto, Canada - 25-year old LARPer Brian Barrett had his LARP gear confiscated on his way to an Amtgard event last Saturday. The reason, "bad timing," say the Toronto police, who confiscated the materials as well as other benign implements in connection with the G20 summit which Toronto is hosting.

Barrett was, fortunately, let go, but his gear appeared in photos circulated by G20 security, who claim them as dangerous implements seized from protestors. Chief Bill Blair said Barrett's sock-tipped LARP arrows (pictured below) were designed to be set on fire.

(Photo: Jill Mahoney / The Globe and Mail)
Barrett was also upset to find his scale-mail (which is mighty fine armor, I might add) pictured with a machete and other weaponry.

(Photo: Jill Mahoney / The Globe and Mail)

Thanks to Kevin Tjia of LARP Source for bringing this to my attention. Read his post at

The original Globe and Mail story is available at

More information and a few good jabs at the police are also available on the Electric Samurai forum at

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