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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #18

Episode 18 - "I Call Forth a Bag Full of Awesome" - Recorded 8/4/2010 - Runtime 1h10m02s

In this episode, Eric & Matt recount the happenings at the last NERO Elkins event , talk about getting started in LARP and using LARP in education (Thanks Pete!), and shamelessly promote Matt's book

Play by play:
(5m00s) Matt is a big wimp
(5m48s) LARP News - Matt and Eric talk about the latest (July) NERO Elkins event
(7m09s) Matt is a thief and a plot-line necromancer
(18m40s) Check out Fear the Boot at and Postcards From the Dungeon at
(21m13s) The Practice of LARP - How to get started in LARP
(25m35s) Shade's LARP List -
(26m45s) Oregon does indeed have LARP!
(28m00s) Clash of Heroes -
(28m59s) NERO International -
(30m00s) Alliance LARP -
(32m00s) Matt has snakes in his ears
(34m15s) Avegost -
(36m00s) We go on a Douglas Adams tangent; what would a Douglas Adams LARP be like? I'd love a Holistic Detective Agency LARP.
(37m30s) Back on track
(38m30s) Eric's phone chirps
(40m40s) The Theory of LARP - we discuss using LARP in education (Great idea, Pete)
(44m12s) "He has awesome in a bag."
(46m58s) the recording dies, so I come on to explain what happened and talk about the LARP Ohio blog and their recent article about this same topic (though I can't find it at the moment)
(52m30s) We go on a tangent about LARPers and the women whom they love
(55m39s) Shameless Self Promotion, or Shelfless Same Promotion - NERO Elkins needs to schedule a one-day event soon, so check out for info about that and the Tavern Night schedule (next is on 9/1/10)
(59m20s) Eric shows off his coat
(62m02s) Matt pimps his book - Memoirs of the Crimson Dwarf - available at or
(63m50s) Cat on the sound board... Tiana decides she can produce our show better than Matt
(68m10s) Knights of the Crisis will receive 1000 XP in the MLC Podcast LARP for sending us their in-game documents for the library

1 comment:

  1. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the plug! We appreciate the plug and would like to plug you back.

    We do have weekly and biweekly events to expand our community which, in all of my LARP experience, is one of the strongest. I host these personally although many of our players have had events.

    We've had pool parties, "girls night out", combat practices, weekly movie nights, etc. Our movies do have a theme. We watch only realistic medieval films.

    Lots of fun.

    Who do i give the thank you to?

    Joe Landolfi