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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #19

Episode 19 - "May all my brothers' backs break if you do not podcast." - Recorded 8/31/2010 - Runtime 53m20s

In this episode, Eric & Matt rant a bit, talk about emotional involvement in LARP, and shamelessly promote Matt's book

Play by play:
(4m20s) What do you use level 1 for?
(5m00s) Eric talks a bit about his stalker.
(6m08s) LARP News - we mention the upcoming events in our area.
@NEROElkins - Tavern Night 9/1 & 9/15 -
(7m19s) Matt realizes we aren't broadcasting, just recording the audio, so reveals that he is a barbarian, not a gnome. We need a gnomish engineer.
(9m58s) Barbarians use Macs... because they're tasty.
(10m40s) PRO is having a 3-day over labor day weekend -
(11m50s) North Coast NERO - 9/24-26 -
(12m49s) WAR is having a 2-day over labor day weekend -
(13m15s) Alliance Ohio is holding the national Alliance 3-day over labor day weekend -
(14m30s) Check out the LARP Ohio Blog -
(15m53s) Matt wants to set up the backend for online tracking of Knights of the Crisis characters, so if you know about a good, feature rich character tracking system, preferably in PHP, let him know.
(16m58s) If you want us to promote your LARP events, email us at
(19m14s) The Theory of LARP - we rant, with a few sidesteps, about getting your players emotionally involved in the story line of your LARP and how to draw their backstory into the mix
(37m22s) We try to recruit experienced female NPCs
(38m24s) Shameless Self Promotion
(39m53s) Matt promotes his novella - Memoirs of the Crimson Dwarf -
(42m06s) Eric promotes roleplaying on the forums - - and our marketplace -
(50m50s) Contact us and tell us what to talk about.
(51m49s) Purple people.

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