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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #20

Episode 20 - "Boffering a Dead Horse" - Recorded 9/8/2010 - Runtime 63m39s

In this episode, Eric & Matt talk about using LARP to teach the Bible, things to avoid in LARP, and shamelessly promote Matt's book and the upcoming NERO Elkins events

Play by play:
(2m16s) We've reached level 20! We pity those of you stuck at level 3.
(3m40s) Did we ever talk about what LARP is?
(4m12s) Thank you, Walmart, for your brains.
(4m39s) Matt gets wierd about the video.
(6m03s) LARP News - Eric talks about a man he ran into that is using LARP to teach Bible lessons.
We discuss the comparison to our previous discussion about using LARP in education.
(15m17s) Matt brings up the Walking Eye Podcast and encourages LARPers to listen to Discussion episodes 20 & 23, where Jen talks about her experience with LARP, and think about ways to avoid these issues in their own LARP.
(18m58s) The Theory of LARP - We discuss things to avoid in LARP that will turn people away or ruin games. Matt also brings up the idea of plotting vs. responding, an interesting discussion for the future.
(27m40s) Eric makes a "OOG" (hand over head) gesture which you can't see unless you watch the video.
(34m41s) Matt makes a comparison between Necromancy in NERO and Masturbation in Puritan New England
(45m43s) One LARP Family
(54m09s) Shameless Self Promotion - Matt promotes his book and the NERO Elkins events
Eric promotes his trip to Northcoast NERO
(60m26s) Matt wants Prince Poppycock to come to NERO Elkins

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