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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #21

Episode 21 - "Curse of the Doom Box" - Recorded 9/14/2010 - Runtime 55m53s

M4A Enhanced Podcast Version
MP3 Podcast Version

In this episode, Eric & Matt talk about props, realism v. fantasy, and shamelessly promote Matt's book and the upcoming NERO Elkins events

Play by play:
(1m14s) Meet your new host, Robbie.
(1m37s) Uh oh, Eric shows up; this could be trouble.
(2m15s) Okay, Robbie is a guest, not the new host.
(3m16s) Matt and Eric are the biumvirate, the two legged stool upon which the Kingdom of the Crisis stands.
(4m15s) Sorry about the video folks; don't know why it's causing problems. The neighbors are probably downloading movies. Yeah. That kind.
(5m43s) We will begin, with this episode, to offer an mp3 version of the audio. Look for a link in the show notes and a mp3 version feed coming soon. We like m4a because we like what we can do with it, but I know some people can only listen to mp3s. So, we hear you and your wish is granted.
(7m27s) Shout out to Kevin from the Walking Eye podcast for helping us improve MLC and having a bag full of awesome
(9m20s) LARP News - Check out LARP Source and LARP Ohio Blog - both posted about sponsors in LARP
(10m45s) Matt is starting a Jugger team. Check out the USJL at
(16m15s) We keep losing the video feed
(18m23s) The Practice of LARP - Talk about props
(29m20s) The Theory of LARP - We discuss a question sent in by Scarab: "Fantasical vs. Realistic... Where would you draw the line as too fantasical that it can't be properly repped in a larp and wheres too real that it makes it not so much an escape?"
(47m42s) Lots of shout-outs
(50m51s) Shameless Self Promotion
Eric & Robbie promote an idea for advertising - walking around town in costume on Halloween day and hand out flyers
Matt promotes the upcoming NERO Elkins 1-Day on 10/30/10 -
Matt also promotes his book "Memoirs of the Crimson Dwarf" -

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