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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mid-Level Crisis Podcast #24

Episode 24 - "I summon a car to hit your wife's car." - Recorded 10/5/2010 - Runtime 43m38s

MP3 Podcast Version

In this episode, Eric & Matt, joined by special guests Bill T. from LARP Ohio Blog - - and Matt B., talk about upcoming events in the neighborhood, introducing people to LARP, firearm mechanics in LARP, and shamelessly promote Matt's book and the upcoming NERO Elkins events


  1. Thanks for having me on guys! Sorry for having to leave early and for being such a noob with his mic volume up too high. I'm looking forward to the next time I can join in.

    For anyone interested, the wife is fine. It was just a bit of a Fender Bender with no real damage to her car.

  2. Howdy folks!

    As a head staff member of Exiles I just wanted to take a moment to say a few things about our larp :)

    In The Exiles we try to create a gritty and deadly atmosphere by making it easy to kill, and hard to survive. While the firearms skills themselves are cheap to buy in our game, a gunhand will still have to deal with slow firing weapons, the short range and inaccuracy of rubber bands, and the fact that any goon with a stick can clobber you by disarming your gun with melee damage.

    That being said, we do recognize that with increased damage and a secondary "stun" effect firearms have the advantage in the game. As a western larp our first focus on the gunfighting and firearms of the wild west with melee fighting as an awesome (and useful) secondary flavor.

    I've only recently started listening to the podcast but it's sounding great! I'll be sure to tune in for future ones :) Also, we are always looking for other larpers to come try our game! If anyone references this podcast at their first event will throw in an extra $5 discount on the already existing first-time player discount. So be sure to check us out!


    Be sure to check us out at: