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Saturday, October 2, 2010

SSP - Dan Byers on Adventure in Nepal

Hey everyone, just wanted to do a little bit of Shameless Promotion, though this time it isn't for myself.

My friend, Dan Byers, who introduced many people in the central WV area to LARP (after, I'd like to say, I introduced him to it), and whom we mentioned on the last Mid-Level Crisis, is on an adventure, but this one is for real. He's part of an expedition traveling to Nepal to document the effects of global climate change on the area. This is really neat, so you should check it out at

You know what else is awesome? Dan's film, The Circle. If you like fantasy or post-apocalyptic fiction, you'll love The Circle. I've embedded the trailer here, but you should check out the whole film series at - it would definitely be a great LARP setting

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