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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LTAW #6: Tabard Part 2 (Ideas for making it awesome!)

This is part 2 of the LARP Thing-A-Week Tabard project. For part 1 (making a basic tabard) go to

For this week's LARP Thing-A-Week, I've decided to revisit the tabard I started in Week 4, and make it look totally awesome... well, to personalize it. And, I've got some ideas for what you can do to make your tabard more special.

I've added a few things that make my tabard special: a border in a contrasting color, a painted symbol, and a matching belt.

Here's my border:

I used this neat gold satin that I found for $0.50 a yard. I knew I wanted gold. So, I folded it over the edge and sewed it into place. I figured out later that a ribbon would have been much easier, because the edges would have already been fixed and there would have been no need for a hem, so I could have just sewn it onto the side of the tabard that people would see. Oh well, you live and learn. I put the border along the edges and also around the neck line. Then, I made a tie belt from the same fabric, as you can see in the side picture:

Lastly, I created stencils to help me paint the insignia on the front. I thought about creating the insignia from fabric and sewing it on, but that seemed too difficult, especially because this satin frays so easily.

Some ideas for your tabard:
-Many people choose multiple colors for their tabard and sew them together in a checkered or chevron pattern
-The bottom doesn't have to be square; it can be pointed or curved instead.
-Use the symbols from your character's Coat of Arms
-Simple patterns can be made from fabric - try using fabric glue instead of sewing, but be aware that this will need repaired sooner than sewn patterns.
-Use Iron transfers to put a complex symbol on the tabard - but use the transfer sheets for dark t-shirts... even if your tabard is light-colored, I think these transfers look much better.
-Can't sew? Hire a seamstress from your town or LARP group

I'd like to see your tabards. What sets your adventuring group apart? Post links to the pics and ideas for others to use.

*Btw, this is the tabard for my barbarian's new adventuring group, and the design is based on the tabard for Alea Iacta Est, of which I am a proud member (Deathezaro)

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