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Thursday, February 17, 2011

LTAW #8: NPC Database (Part 2)

This is part two of my ongoing NPC Database Discussion. Read Part 1 Here

This is also the 8th Thing of LARP Thing-A-Week, and, while it's been much more than a week since I posted a Thing, this represents a renewed commitment to bring you some awesome LARP Things. View the other LARP Thing-A-Week posts here.

So, in Part 1 we created a simple DB for keeping track of NPC motivations, connections, and stats. In Part 2, we've taken two more steps.

1) I realized there are two more DBs we have to create: a monster DB, and a DB for generic unnamed NPCs. So, I adapted our previous DB (from Part 1) to fit generic NPCs better. Here's the link to a copy of that spreadsheet so you can see my setup. A monster DB will take more work and will wait until Part 3.

2) I hate filling out this information on spreadsheets, but I love that my plot team can collaborate on filling it out. Fortunately, Google Docs has this great "Create Form" feature. You just click on Form=>Create Form and change a few things around and Voila, an easy to fill out form.

And thus, we have this (See the full version of the form here):

So, we've taken another step towards creating a great and easy to use DB. It's just a bit more user-friendly, and now we have two DBs. These could be the same DB but different "sheets" or what have you, but I've created these as two separate DBs so I can better control access to them. For instance, you may have a monster marshal who should be able to edit the Generic NPC DB and the Monster DB, but you may not want him seeing the major NPCs he won't be working with.

We'll return in Part 3 as we progress further down this road.

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